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micIVAN G todayFebruary 21, 2021

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    Deep Thought IVAN G

  • fast_forward 00:00:00 – Mass Digital – Rainy Morning (Original Mix)
  • fast_forward 00:05:50 – David Orin & Wassu – Magenta
  • fast_forward 00:10:20 – Tim Green – Sea Parade
  • fast_forward 00:16:08 – Modd – Beyond (Extended Mix)
  • fast_forward 00:21:32 – Stoned Dreams – Acacia
  • fast_forward 00:25:52 – Alberto Hernandez (MX) – – Ilusiones (Original Mix)
  • fast_forward 00:29:47 – Darko De Jan – povik
  • fast_forward 00:34:57 – Zigan Aldi – Odin (Namito Remix)
  • fast_forward 00:39:47 – Darko De Jan – Saruq Al-Hadid
  • fast_forward 00:39:47 – VKD – Horn (DSF Remix)
  • fast_forward 00:43:10 – Daniel Ray – Dance With a Stranger (Rasi Z Remix)

While Buddha understood the mind to be a ‘flow’ or ‘stream’ of mental events, some thinkers speculated that it was actually a string of individual moments arising and passing away. Later still, the final theory confirmed that the last thought is a moment a person has before die that will determine their next life, but this moment may be based in all the previous experiences. This idea, seems to be a development of the Buddha’s teachings. “Have no fear! Your demise will not be bad. If one’s mind has long been nurtured with conviction, virtue and learning, then the body; endowed with form, composed of the four primary elements, will be eaten by crows, vultures, hawks or all sorts of creatures, nevertheless the mind — long nurtured with discernment -; will rise upward being liberated.” Enjoy this session and remember… the mind always rises up!

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